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Meet Allan our Club Captain:

As your appointed Club Captain for the 23/24 season and on behalf of the club I would like to take this opportunity and extend a welcome to all new and existing members to Wilton, and trust that you make the most of being a member of one of the most picturesque clubs in Wellington.

My role as the Club Captain is to assist all members to get as much enjoyment as possible of the time spent at the Club by:

My other role is to provide coaching throughout the season for one-on-one sessions or for group coaching as required.

New bowlers will receive dedicated coaching, and nominees are asked to refer new members to the club's coaching convenor, Allan Chee.

I intend to start doing coaching and practice skills sessions from 4.30pm – 6.00pm  on a Thursday, starting Thursday 14th September, weather permitting of course

So, if you need assistance, require further information, have news that you want to share with your fellow club members and others or have suggestions to be discussed, and implemented, please either see or contact me.

Have a great 23/24 season and enjoy your bowls.

Allan Chee

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A very special evening is being planned for Friday 24 November. Nick Tansley and Tom McLeod will be performing live at the Wilton Bowling Club from 7pm


Two Pianos…. Two entertainers…..You request your favourite songs…..We give them a crack even if we have never played them before…..  That’s where the fun starts….. 

Nick Tansley and Tom McLeod perform a two hour sing-along around two pianos where the songs are selected by the audience. 

So bring your singing voice and be ready to be part of the show. It’s heaps of fun and suits all ages. 

 We also thank our sponsor, Ged Boyle from Ray White, for helping to make this evening happen